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The mission of Upperroom Community Outreach Center is to offer educational and housing opportunities to low and moderate income families and individuals who would not be able to have an opportunity to have decent, safe, and sanitary housing in Fort Lauderdale and the general areas of Broward County, Florida


Upperroom Community Outreach, Inc.(UCOC), aware of the pressing need for affordable housing and housing counseling services for South Florida, is challenged with an almost impossible task; however, we want to join forces with partners like you to aid in placing families into homes at a faster pace.  We will offer first time home buyer education and club programs on a monthly basis and we will be identifying lots that would facilitate the new home construction and rehabilitation projects. Currently, UCOC offers Adult Financial Literacy on a bi-monthly basis which is funded by The Center for Neighborhood Enterprise, HSBC and Upperroom Christian Faith Center.  This is a community based service, our program administrator has previously volunteered and worked part-time for other non-profit organizations with similar missions.


Our purpose is to provide such housing through rehabilitation of existing substandard buildings and construction of new facilities in the place of blighted structures or blighted vacant sites in order to combat the deterioration of the community and contribute to its physical improvement.  To revitalize, preserve and improve the health and vitality of the above mentioned communities by enabling them to expand their commercial and industrial base, and to reverse the deterioration of their residential and public facility assets.


It is the vision of Upperroom to relieve the poor, distressed, underprivileged and indigent by enabling them to secure the basic human needs of decent shelter and to thus lessen the burdens of government and promote the social welfare.


To target areas which are located within the neighborhood strategy area of the City of Fort Lauderdale, Lauderhill, and Broward County Community Development Block Grant and Enterprise Zone Programs.


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